<playamj> I need some creative ways of asking this girl I like to the prom...please post some ideas thanks!
<secks> You can try walking up to her and pushing the use key

<Phreak407> why the fuck is there purple m&ms in this bag?
<Anti-Social> Because they're tryin to tell you you're gay
<Phreak407> oh

<InvisableMan> with the new P4s and the amd opteron...
<Wish> Apple getting bashed everywhere :)
<InvisableMan> apple is the chick at the bukakke party

<Elfin> Santa Claus broke in through my window last night.
<Kashan> did he leave you a new window

<Hydrac7> Bukkake!
<Clockwork> hahaha
<Clockwork> BUKKAKE
<Alice`> I don't know why people giggle so much when someone mentions bukkake, let me tell you there's nothing funny about the manseed of 182 guys dripping down your face.
<Alice`> Well you might giggle a bit afterwards, but you don't mean it really.
<pot-shot> yeah you giggle, its like anxiety laughter, because oh fuck you are alive, for the fucking love of god you are alive, and it tastes like rice pudding, delicoius perfect rice pudding and there is literally gallons of it around you

<Neji-Sama> OMFG, life is great.
<Neji-Sama> Some girl just im'ed me.
<Neji-Sama> She's masturbating right now thinking of me.
<Neji-Sama> It's like, wow.
<Neji-Sama> FUCK!
<Neji-Sama> She said it's the wrong window -.-
<JapanAir900> ...

DoYouKnow: Anyone know how to describe the sequence 0.1666, 0.06666, 0.016666, 0.006666, etc, it would be greatly appreciated
  Polytope: ""useless""

<Sholin> You know, I went to KFC the other day with my Mother, And she asked them if they had anything fried..

<X2> [AlekaiTalon] Uh-oh, watch out ladies, Alekai Talon is in the house
<Tyr> yea ladies, watch out
<Tyr> he might steal ur men :p

<Guilty> You see
<Guilty> Fat ugly girls shouldnt be allowed to use "":)""
<Guilty> Their sign should be ""=)000""</p> </td>""

<CM^> Im just two letters and an arrow to you, arent I?

[23:07] <feMMey> i leave for europe in 4 days
[23:07] <rys> on purpose?

<gecko__> i just oiled up my cats ass,but now when i try to boff him he slips away!
<gecko__> =[~!
<Esad> i knew there was a reason i hated cats

<timmo> if aol has ever taught me anything its the alt+ codes

<RyMon> You see the new heatsinks on thinkgeek?
<Crash> I have one right here... it's so cold against my skin, I could just put them all over myself and stay cool anywhere!
<RyMon> There's no sink that disipates stupid, man.

<tasha> How long were you in New Zealand dev
<@devdev> went twice
<@devdev> for like, maybe 1 1/2 months
<@devdev> maybe like 6 weeks