<^Spike^> I just realised
<^Spike^> These new coke cans have 'REVOLUTION!!!' written on them.
<^Spike^> It also has 'You know you Want it' written on it.
<^Spike^> That's a whole lot creepier.
<^Spike^> So my can is a communist and a rapist.

<dunce> We were doing shots of BBQ sauce at the anime con
<dunce> Granted, that BBQ sauce also had vodka in it
<dunce> And I hadn't eaten for 2 days
<Nd> Weren't you there to like... er, what did you do there?
<dunce> I was there to drink
<dunce> And have fun with half naked girls
<dunce> What... you think I give a shit about that anime stuff? :P
<dunce> Didn't actually see any anime while I was there
<dunce> I mean, I can watch it at home, didn't see what the big deal was

<evilkalla> oh man
<evilkalla> that club sandwich has caused some intestinal armaggeddon
<ModernAngel> four horsemeats of the anal apocalypse
<crux> well, there goes my boner

*** PoisonPen changes topic to 'Matrix Revolutions:  Smith: ""I R teh Ubermensch!  U R 0wn3d w/ my awesome Will!""  Neo: ""No!  Because I will refute teh diabilical existential angst w/ kung fu!""  Smith: ""Argh!  Now I must stand in the rain and shake my fist at you! Why?  Why?""  Neo: ""Ha ha!  I win by losing!  I R teh Jesus!""  The end.'

* Quits: Indonesia (Ezcess Flood)

<Xan> I wish I had a time machine
<Xan> I would write in the bible ""....and every sunday send $5 to <my address>""
<Xan> ""If you don't you'll go to hell""

*IgnusDei learned that no matter how bad things are, it will never be quite as bad as the time he masturbated in the adult secton of the video store...which of course was under vidcam surveillance
<IgnusDei> ZING!
<m|tutorial> if i didnt like the current topic
<m|tutorial> that would be there right now
<DrFurious> it could be worse
<DrFurious> you could have masturbated in the gay adult section of the video store

<`Neonjoe`> http://www.weatherunderground.com/
<`Neonjoe`> hardcore
<vigz0r> its too hard to be normal weather
<vigz0r> they had to go UNDERGROUND
<cooter> dude they tell u the independant weather, not the fuckin main stream sellout bullshit weather

<Nago> i wonder what the chemical formula for warez is
<n[a]naki> Nago: W Ar Es
<n[a]naki> Tungsten, Argon, Einsteinium

<tfr> i got tired of cyber sex before instant messengers were invented
<JeremyC> hahaha
<JeremyC> got worn out on 4800bps BBSes did ya
<tfr> yeah, +++NO CARRIER just before an orgasm is frustrating

<Swap_File> explosives + Lan party + flare gun = broken toilet, and report of ""fireworks display"" on the police radio

<limited7> i have for(n = 1; n < 99; n = n /2) why is it loopin forever?

<sp4nk> I once knew this guy who kept a dream journal.
<sp4nk> Some little spiral notebook he'd keep by his bed.
<martyr> haha nice
<sp4nk> I'd get waken up in the middle of the night and find him writing shit in it. At 3 AM.
<sp4nk> Told me it was so he could remember the lucid dreams he had the following morning.
<sp4nk> So one night at about 1, I decided to have a look.
<sp4nk> As I suspected, full of shit about meeting dead people and flying across the Atlantic Ocean.
<sp4nk> He was asleep at the time, of course.
<sp4nk> So I grabbed a pencil and made my own entry.
<martyr> ROFL
<sp4nk> I swear, he was shaking the rest of that day.

<thrust> so, I just went to the snack bar and bought a ""Three Musketeers Bar""
<thrust> the label reads ""Whipped Up, Fluffy Chocolate-on-Chocolate Taste""
<thrust> which made me think of overweight black lesbian porn
<thrust> and made me realize that I get way too much spam

Zedd: i fucking hate kids.
IronHelix: They won't shut up. Ever.
Zedd: Fucking annoying brats.  They serve no practical purpose other than taking up valuable resources.
IronHelix: They scream when they're happy. They scream when they're scared. They scream when you toss them in the garbage disposal. It never ends!

* Coyote` (HaHa@209.194.21.WyldRyde-43304) Quit (Quit: DOS Tip #17: Add DEVICE=FNGRCROS.SYS to CONFIG.SYS)
<Apple> what's device=fngrcros.sys?
<netnomad> Oh buoy.
* Apple grins
<Apple> i'll look it up
<netnomad> You do that.