<Sureshot^> you never do all nighters though
<NyseriA> i did one with you yesterday you fucking idiot
<Sureshot^> yeha apart from that

Prizes_for_contests: Hey, how much would it cost To get someone To find me a cost-free downloadable Hentai date sim for my mac?
bommer: what?? lol
Ich: think you're asking in the wrong place
Prizes_for_contests: where do i go then?
Eiljwa: there is no right place to ask something like that

<Danelope> ""Nine people in total have had gene therapy at the Necker Hospital, and seven of them are doing well.""
<Danelope> The other two transformed into hideous demon-beasts and began slaying the hospital staff.
<Danelope> And eating their brains.

<Snoody> Banky, are you still a virgin?
<Banky> Ask your mom.
<Snoody> She said yes.

* sty is now listening to Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes
* Bluey is now listening to The Printer - Churning Out Pages.

<EuroBrew> what is it with you people and your fascination with buttsex? you guys talk about it all the time, if you are gay just come out and say it already
<EuroBrew> i just think you guys have some sexual identity issues if you go around saying shit like /me unfs chips and /me wants zee buttsex, and of course the ever popular /me licks teh cum off your wang

<Hayd1488> Any Intelligent Women here?
<grovibtch> yeah
<grovibtch> but they're not dumb enough to msg u

*** valinhorn has joined #oregoons
<coyo7e> Immediately, she realizes that Christian Grey is not some ancient forty-year old dude, practically crumbling to dust atop his icy blonde empire, but a very hot young man:
<coyo7e> So young - and attractive, very attractive. He's tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes that regard me shrewdly.
<coyo7e> That... is one hell of a tie. I'm going to have to ask someone, please, look into the kindness and the goodness of your soul and photoshop me a picture of a black tie with Robert Pattinson's hair and eyes stuck on it, gazing at me shrewdly.
<valinhorn> um
<valinhorn> wow
*** valinhorn left #oregoons []

<DTails> ""i see disconnected people""

<akim> man, i fucking hate my comtech teacher. he's always riding my ass about something
<akim> i'd like to slap him around with his stupid skullcap
<goojoe> oh is that the uber-jew teacher?
<akim> yeah
<akim> im starting to think it has something to do with the fact that my last name is auschwitz...
<mfer> ahahahahahahahahah
<mfer> i mean.. yeah man, that sucks
<akim> :/

PROTOtype2k6: Hey Fel you know the difference between Michael phelps and Hitler?
Felathan: no clue proto.
PROTOtype2k6: At least Michael Phelps could finish a race.

<#geekissues><ef~loosid> what i really love the best about this channel is the people sitting and espousing their theories on life as if they are fact and they know everything, its the best.

<Dianuzza> there is a big gay community here in Paris
<usnjay> yeah.
<usnjay> it's called ""Paris"".

-=HFS=-Mr. X: where is everyone from???
Mega Pervert Man: Stupidville.
Numba1Gunna: canada
Mega Pervert Man: Eh, same thing.

<Donut[AFK]> .. this is my new pickup line.
<@Meikai> Twitch.
<Donut[AFK]> ""Hey, did I mention I have a single cock, and that it is of average size and shape?""
<Donut[AFK]> ""Also, I have no STDs!""
<@Meikai> ""Because I never get laid!""

<0oyeaho0> Hey, i have a new boyfriend.  hes so dreamy, and i'm so in love with him.  Hes so nice and sweet.  I just adore him.  I feel like ive known him forever.
<oaklandfoo1> where's he from?
<0oyeaho0> uh, im not sure.