<DemonEater> wtf
<DemonEater> ESPN is showing 2003 national jump rope championship
<DemonEater> who the hell watches jump rope competiti--- ooh bouncy

<Adjaro> i hate the internet
<Adjaro> i have spent 15 minutes looking for george bush with a lightsaber
<Adjaro> and have found NOTHING

Alex: what do i click on 2 d/l it
giorgio: didnt i just give you the direct link?
Alex: yea u did but want part on it do i click to start the d/l
Alex: Download via CNet  dBpowerAMP Music Converter Release 10.1?
giorgio: Normally DOWNLOAD means it DOWNLOADS the fucking file
Alex: i dont see anythign that says it
Alex: the page is still kinda loading
Alex: does it come up under the picture?
giorgio: what... are you talking... about
giorgio: click download and wait
Alex: theres a little picture
giorgio: what .. picture?
giorgio: ok my friend told me what to do next
giorgio: you right click on your C drive, or your local drive, and then click format
Alex: right under the black heading dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC)
giorgio: you shouldnt be on the computer
Alex: dude
Alex: i opened the link
giorgio: and then!?
Alex: i just dont know where to go next
giorgio: are you at download.com now?
Alex: i need directions
Alex: im at the LINK!
giorgio: RIGHT
giorgio: and what do you see?
Alex: that u sent me!
giorgio: you're still at the one i sent!??D?Sgfoih3597gh3
Alex: i see a heading called dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC) 
Alex: theres alittle picture right under it
giorgio: you told me yourself you saw the link ""download blah blah""
Alex: i said there somethign called Download via CNet  dBpowerAMP Music Converter Release 10.1
Alex: is that what i click to d/l it?
giorgio: are you kidding?
giorgio: it SAYS ""download""
giorgio: what ELSE would you click!?GFryf93654j542
giorgio: u642u64
giorgio: 43houtwwytrw
giorgio: hyteu3643
Alex: well there was so many options
giorgio: but it was the only fucking ""download"" optioN!

<Justin> What's your sign, baby?
<The_Gevil> Yield

<nonzero> do you have a vagina?
<cisco_gal> yes :p
<nonzero> sweet

Pika98765: then stick it in the center and it won't be so ugly :p
Amarok: ...
Amarok: My father just woke up screaming ""Suck my scrotum you cocksucking chink whores.""

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Stranger: [Omegle is required to tell you that you are chatting with a registered sex offender. This message cannot be viewed by Stranger.]
Stranger: Hey
Stranger: I'm horny
You: So it is true what they say about you?

<{R3D}Hurricane> you know your a geek when the highlight of your vacation consisted of spying on people in the Oracle HQ Building with binoculars from your hotel room

(@ian) my neighbor must have been like 5 or 6 yrs old
(@ian) and i was in like 4th grade
(@ian) so my friend (who lives on the other side of this kid)
(@ian) we drank some cokes
(@ian) and we were bored
(@ian) so we went out in the woods and pissed inside one of the cans
(@ian) and between both of us we like filled it up
(@ian) so then we were like hey justin.... this pop is warm i don't want it
(@ian) *drinks some more*
(@ian) GROSS
(@ian) throws it down
(@ian) *leaves*
(@ian) then his mom got all pissed off
(@ian) now that i think about it
(@ian) it's bad enough to drink a pop can that 2 other people's dicks have been on
(@ian) despite the fact that he drank half a coke can of piss

<metroid23> wtf... i heard this kind of ""knock"" on my front door, i go to check and theres a dead squirrel on my NEIGHBORS porch O_o
<ScumDog> does it look injured?
<metroid23> its fucking dead
<Gaffect> fell from a tree?
<metroid23> hahaha, right, on the nearest tree (50 feet away) and then being projected 45 feet horizontally and then falling thru two stories of concrete :)
<metroid23> poor guy

CcLpRPG:  it was like, my friend saw a chick at the movies, but she had a boyfriend  
CcLpRPG:  My friend says, screw him  
CcLpRPG:  I say, you screw him, i'll screw her

<rockape> ""i take my coffee black..... like my men""
<Khel> do you take your coffee in your ass too?

<Joghurt^> hell yeah i want some lego porn

<destru> tv just told me i could get a correspondence degree in gunsmithing
<destru> does that really seem like a good idea?

<Phuser> fuck me.
<FadeJade> Why
<Phuser> i have no good reason

<+FlatFace> ASDFHK
<+FlatFace> WTF
<+FlatFace> WOLF 3D SOURCE 8K?!
<+FlatFace> wait that's the disclaimer
<+FlatFace> SHIT