<Ryan_Singer> hello everyone...GOP took GA too
<Ryan_Singer> first republican governor since 1872
<waffle[out]> time to enter my bunker and ride out the next 2 years
<waffle[out]> please god let bush not be president when I leave it
<Ryan_Singer> The place I interned at last summer might not exist next summer
<waffle[out]> Iraq?
<Ryan_Singer> The Georgia Technology Authority, the new governor said on the radio he wants it gone

][HumA][79- sepcial olympics are bad because its hard on the person who finishes last place.. i mean.. how much lower than that can you get

<FlagshipX> damn... i don't want to take a shower... i want to sleep
<thine_cow|PHP|> Flag: then, sleep in the shower!
<FlagshipX> hmm
<thine_cow|PHP|> (i've done it... sure you're all wrinkly but damnnit, you're refreshed all over!)

</p> </td>""

<BombScare> i beat the internet
<BombScare> the end guy is hard

(tobyl) It's damn hard to schedule these things, and we're hitting major plot.
(tobyl) Not to mention my character just went up two levels.
(Fetch) wow
(Fetch) what'd you kill?
(Sancho) the DM

<Arkrite> Are you just going to rip off every TV show for the rest of the night? I mean, because I do have other things to do.
<Sinclair-> masterbation does not count as something to do :P
* @Death-Blade notes the amount of masterbation comments has grown 10x since everyone started on bash.org
<Sinclair-> i know
<Sinclair-> i dont even wank, and it's like all you see anymore on bash
<@Death-Blade> arky: go there
<Sinclair-> ah man
<Sinclair-> i just opened up my ass crack for an ass raping didnt i?
<@Death-Blade> you the goatse.cx guy?
<Sinclair-> ewww!
<Sinclair-> i went there wondering wtf they were talking about
<Sinclair-> FUCK
<@Death-Blade> lol
<Arkrite> Okay, that's just destrubing beyond all belief.
<Sinclair-> that and i went to google to learn what bukkake
<Sinclair-> is
<@Death-Blade> lol
<Sinclair-> not
<Sinclair-> cool
<@Death-Blade> <wombat> Bukkake is when a Mommy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy and a Daddy all decide that Mommy needs some special facial moisturiser
<Yodakirata> lol
<Sinclair-> SHUT UP!
* Sinclair- types /clear

<drastic> anyone know of a program that would display free hd space for multiple drives on the desktop or something?
<ninth> drastic: you could write down how much space is free on a piece of paper.. then scan it.. and set it as your wallpaper

N47H4N:I just made an awsome discovery!!!!!!! When you mix Blue and Yellow you get a entirely new color! I will call it Blellow!

<ChopLogik> ie ergo vis-a-vis concordantly ex thusly betwixt!
<Brass> Chop:  You missed a ""therefore"" and a ""etc.""
<ChopLogik> well i didnt miss YOUR MOM WITH A HUGE LOAD OF SEMEN

<DarkEra> Tolkan, you must be the dumbest person on the planet
<Tolkan> im smark...
<Tolkan> smart.

<MU-Ravage> tuesday night Im going to a funeral home
<MU-Smash> why?

<p2p> I was reading some thing this morning about a new condom with a built-in vibrator
<shxrobert> oh great the rubber that makes you come as you put the fucker on
<p2p> the downside is you have to shove the AA battery up your ass
<Gollie> downside?

<Shyster> pikachan, hentai scared me =(
<@PikaChan> well uhh
<@PikaChan> what am i supposed to do about that? :/
<@PikaChan> oh btw shy remind me to kill you later
<Shyster> k
<@PikaChan> thanks

<Gus_Hobbleton> ok, there's a class full of retard kids...
<Gus_Hobbleton> and for some reason or another, they're learning about beds
<Gus_Hobbleton> teacher goes up to one kid, points at a bed, and says ""what kind of bed is that?""
<Gus_Hobbleton> kid says ""qyeen sized bed!""
<Gus_Hobbleton> teacher says ""good little retard!""
<Gus_Hobbleton> teacher goes to the next kid, says ""what kind of bed is that?""
<Gus_Hobbleton> kid says ""its a king sized bed!""
<Gus_Hobbleton> teacher says ""good little retard!!""
<Spork> ...
<Gus_Hobbleton> teacher goes to the next kid, and points at one of those beds...
<Gus_Hobbleton> you know, the kind with one on top of the other...
<Gus_Hobbleton> umm....
<Spork> bunk beds?
<Gus_Hobbleton> GOOD LITTLE RETARD!!!

<iMike> I am so horny, but matteo won't have sex with me anymore.
<matteo> That's because of you having that affair with that cow.
<iMike> Which cow? The big brown and white one? Or your mom?