Cochese: you're under the impression that Viagra will just give you an erection
Cochese: it'll only help sustain an erection that you get from whatever gives you wood
FeMHuR: so if I take Viagra but nothing turns me on nothing will happen?
Cochese: correct
theho81: so there's still no hope for fat chicks?

*** You were kicked by Carrot_Top (1 800 c-a-ll att)

<samafk> ui'm fuckt'
<samafk> 1/2 ogke
<samafk> vodka
<samafk> bp
<+Ajurian> pretending to be drunk on irc isnt cool anymore

<msngchmbl> OH MY GOD
<piardog> ?
<msngchmbl> FUCK
<piardog> it will be even more magically delicious now</p> </td>""

<qrg> how do they deal with dice rolling
<cmplx> you need vr dice. they're usb.
<cmplx> then you put on these special glvoes
<cmplx> and roll them acrtoss a vr desk.
<cmplx> no, ass, you click a button and the dice are rolled for you
<qrg> i meant the randomization
<qrg> of the dice being rolled
<orion> i've never heard of a computer spitting out a random number
<orion> or a random quote
<orion> never.
<nyisles> qrg: cat /dev/urandom
<orion> thus, random numbers from dice == impossible
<orion> it's not like computers generate photorealistic motion pictures
<orion> or perform millions and billions and trillions of intense calculations per second
<orion> i seriously doubt they could simulate die being rolled
<orion> i mean jesus, they control the stockmarket and most modern finance, big business, corporations
<orion> but as far as picking two random numbers from 1 to 6
<orion> it's fucking unfathomable.
<cmplx> until computers can acccurately model the behavior of a giant glob of cum entering the earth's atmosphere, computer science has failed.

<blake772> Dude, your sister is a bitch.
<o0sarsRus0o> i know, one time she was drunk and i took advantage of her to get her back
<blake772> WTF.. incest newbie.
<o0sarsRus0o> omg if you do i will kill you

<Snoper> how do i find the book I want
<Vultar> Type ""@find bookname""
<Snoper> ""@find bookname""
<Snoper> It didnt do anything. now what do I do ?
<Vultar> Tell your parents that cousins shouldn't marry...

<PureNRG> Is it ok if a parent forks a few children then dies, leaving the children to finish what they have to do then die themselves later ? or should the parent stay doing nothing and reap the kids ?
<boog2> It's tragic if children die before their parents.

<Gayo> vecna was a swarthy pirate?   <McGrue> Indeed.   <McGrue> He has to mark 'Other' on the census, and fills in ""Pirate: Swarthy"" in the supplied field.

<felix> eek
<skrike> felix just screamed like a girl
<felix> no, I said ""eek""
<skrike> girls say ""eek""
<skrike> YOU GIRL
<oat`meal> guys say ""oh SHIT, what the FUCK, BITCH""

<Spengler> you know what?
<Spengler> the matrix would have made a really shit movie if he took the blue pill.

<maskedferret> didnt know you could install XP on a car
<RRA-[[LuCkY]]> actually, its called Windows CP
<RRA-[[LuCkY]]> for cars.
<maskedferret> i'd hate to see it crash

<drunkers> do you know who i am?
<vinnieT> nope
<drunkers> i could rip your eyes out and stick them in your knee and make your knee read a book
<vinnieT> i dont read

<Defcon> dude my new microwave owns
<Defcon> you put the foods in and then the time and then start
<Defcon> then beep beep and yum
<ToastyGhost> No shit, Captain Microwave Handbook

<WI-RaZ0r> ok fuck u bitch
<ArmedFred> The only thing insulting about that sentence was the terrible spelling