<RSquared> You know, now that I think of it, God did directly influence my desire to draw...I used to doodle on the handouts for church all the time...

<screevo> I'm stranded at the gas station of love, and I have to use the self service pump...

<Tylendel> I have kitty pictures.
<Seeth_There> I have genital crabs.
<Seeth_There> Advantage: Seeth.

<Fat-Burrick> you have an obsession, Fuegan
<Fat-Burrick> let me help you
* Fuegan unzips
<Fat-Burrick> oh jesus

<MP|Pooty`Shocksbitch> ok we are going to make one up
<chibi> 24hrs or something
<MP|Pooty`Shocksbitch> and stage it
<chibi> k
<MP|Pooty`Shocksbitch> the next thing i say u say ""count me in""
<chibi> k
<MP|Pooty`Shocksbitch> im going to take a dump on your face
<chibi> count me in
<MP|Pooty`Shocksbitch> rofl
<MP|Pooty`Shocksbitch> GENIOUS
<chibi> indeed
<chibi> help if you spelt genius right :D

<oldskools> U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft, U.S. Commerce Secretary Evans resign
<eco|wk> Knowing the country's luck, we'll get someone worse than Ashcroft.
<dataw0lf> I would say that's impossible, but I don't want to jinx the country.
<oldskools> BREAKING NEWS-President Bush appoints Hitler's ghost as the new U.S. Attorney General.

* Idiot has quit IRC
<ChineseElite`> that'll be the day...

[@cwatford] i really do need to write my childrens books
[@cwatford] i plan on scaring children shitless about common programming errors
[@Entrope] ""jane thought overrunning buffers was great fun until the exploit monster bit off her head!""

* Mage_ scoots away from Dykstra
* Dykstra plays with his pokeballs
* Mage_ scoots further
<SteveD> uh huh
* Dykstra squirtles SteveD
<SteveD> eegad!

<drgonzo> dance like nobodys watching
<drgonzo> work like you don't need the money
<drgonzo> jack off like nobody's home

<SpaceCow> moses
<SpaceCow> did he have his own group of folowers as jesus and mohammed did?
<AL9000> No
<AL9000> He just led the jews out of Egypt
<AL9000> for 40 years
<+Exor[B-A]> heh
<AL9000> Worst. Guide. Ever.
<SpaceCow> hahaha
<+DopefishJustin> hehe
<+DopefishJustin> well God was deliberately making them go in circles
<+DopefishJustin> because they pissed him off with the golden calf
<SpaceCow> ""Ok, lets go across the desert"" *Two years later* ""Wait, lets go back, I dropped a nickel""

HolyViper7: im confused as to how i'm still allowed to breathe the same oxygen as other human beings.  i just bought some tic tacs, and most of em are gone... and you know how some tic tacs get like, stuck?  well, see, i didnt wanna make too much noise so i put the tic tac container in my lap and i hit the container.  it was then i realized i had testicles.  it was quite painful

<timmo> tim would rather fuck a woman who doesnt know what the hell irc is
<c-rOCK> fuck that
<c-rOCK> i want a hottie who can irc it up.
<c-rOCK> and i wanna be like
<c-rOCK> yeah im a mod on bash.org
<c-rOCK> hop on my dick now slut.

<PACHUKA> I'm exempt from draft
<TonyD> PACHUKA: cuz you're borderline retarded?
<PACHUKA> tonyd: no, because I'm unfing your mother, they don't take charity workers