<smee> ""Omochannel.com also sells a vibrator equipped with a video camera at its tip. The product can be attached to a TV or video and provides a more in-depth view of the area where it's used. ""
<smee> LOOK MUM I'M ON TV!!!!

<Mike_McCormick> how do you change your name? i tried /nick Mike but it won't work
<Mike> that's because I have that one dingleberry

+SharpSchutze: Hard Drive Installed On: Thursday, January 1 1970
+SharpSchutze: That can't be good.

LordKasreyn:  Don't think of them as obituaries; think of them as love classifieds for necrophiliac morticians!

<monami> my boss is okay except for the following scenario that we have to play out four or five times a year :
<monami> Act I
<monami> BOSS: Do A.
<monami> ME: If we do A, B will occur.
<monami> BOSS: I don't care, do it anyways.
<monami> Act II
<monami> ME: sigh

<DMC[18s]> heater cores look like baby radiators that fell out of the sky for my enjoyment.. i just wanna give them a hug they are so cuddly

<heyyohey> Im having a lot of lag here. i cant answer the questions in time
<Damarr> Pressing Alt+F4 should help. It stops the client sending useless information to the server
*** heyyohey has quit IRC (Quit: Client exited.)

<Black> Half-Life II!
* Black falls to his knees.
* enderak unzips
* Black worships
<WizzoMaFizzo> :S

<matt`> It is illegal to use UNIX in conjunction with a member of the opposite sex. This could prevent copulation-2.1.3-20.i386.tar.gz from compiling correctly.

DasKrav: Where do you hide something from a Mexican?
DasKrav: Put it under the soap.
sse2122: Bastard.

linkraceist: my printer is being rather communist atm
necrokiss: lol, how so?
linkraceist: in theory, there is nothing wrong with it
linkraceist: but when i try to use it, everything goes wrong

<@Afterglow> .  I also have a familiarity with local area networks, including DHCP, DNS, penis, and Microsoft networking file shares.

<+Merrick> Ugh
<+Merrick> I gotta work tommorow...
<+Merrick> I hate my fucking job
<+Merrick> I HATE IT
<+FDR> are you a priest?
<+Merrick> No an altar boy

<MepitansTAD> this kid we call Crosswalk Kramer tried to kill himself by walking into traffic
<MepitansTAD> but he walked in front of a truck going 15 mph and he was in a crosswalk
<MepitansTAD> the truck just stopped and asked him to move

(&) rak (rak@vw-7462.idx.com.au) is trying to send you Gayness.exe(20 kb) on port 3283.

<xbconnect> anyone alive?
<PoohBear> just.. just go shoot yourself kthnx
*** xbconnect (jirc@GSCCC-162169ED.brick101.nj.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)