< BD-Calvin> an iso in 10 minutes. vr00m
< SnowKrash> =)
< NeilOfDoom> BD-Calvin :: yeah, go easy on the kazaa pr0n

<m0bi_work> what is the ""care for the comfort of a dying person"" called
<hydro-> euthanasia

<@Yenkaz> ""You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles, or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.""
<@Yenkaz> i mean.. wtf
<@Yenkaz> I'd admire anyone capable of using itunes to produce any weapon of mass destruction

<D1> theres no reason for me to smell good anymore.
<D1> so I tend to stick with the rancid odor since I don't have to impress anyone.

<Imaginos> damn
<Imaginos> my neices cat ran away
<Imaginos> i said it went to kitty land, so she wants to know where kitty land is
<Imaginos> i bring up my browser
<Imaginos> type in www.kittyland.com
<Imaginos> and then closed it as fast as humanly possible

<daem0n_> i got new car radio the other day, its pretty cool. you shout soul and it plays soul, you shout rock and it plays rock. the other day some kids ran past my car and i yelled ""FUCKING KIDS"" and it played michael jackson.

( Fuzzy     ) like flicking through his images dir
( Lev       ) oh i thought you said ""licking""
( Lev       ) how peculiar
( Teddy     ) Lev: is there something on your mind?
( Teddy     ) you seem a little pre-occupied...
( Lev       ) wouldn't you lick to find out

<ClothHat> Isn't Canadian currency made out of tree bark or something?
<Cidolfas> CH: Isn't American currency made out of the skins of natives?
<ClothHat> That and broken treaties.

<Sandino> christ, Im pushing 30 and Ive never driven a car, I need a life application not a job one

<FLiPSiDE> little asian wangs
<FLiPSiDE> make me look massive
<Ur|zen> make us look well hung
<FLiPSiDE> theres one guy there..
<FLiPSiDE> u can barely see it..
<fvee> maybe hes half girl

<kaleido> how hard is it to plug a fuckin modem into a router
<kaleido> ""well i dont know what to do, man""
<kaleido> fuckin christ
<kaleido> where do we find these field engineers
<PunkScum> compton?
<kaleido> i was thinkin guinea
<kaleido> but compton might be right

<NewSonCometh> my sister found 50 bucks today
<NewSonCometh> then the person who dropped it asked her if she found it
<NewSonCometh> with the clenched 50 sticking out of her hand, she said ""Nope, I don't have any cash at all""
<NewSonCometh> then the lady just walked away
<NewSonCometh> I wish more people with an abundance of 50's were that stupid

* Upth tries to figure out why his dog smells like fish.
<Charion> do you have a teenage sister?
<Upth> nope
<Charion> ok no idea then

<shaft`> I bought it through a special deal at work
<Guilty> The deal where you put what you can under your jacket?

::: .signoff@1.32p> m|ch (michelle@XX-XX-XX-XXX.ivideon.com); to get over someone old, get under someone new

<DJ_Phatiguez> there is a way you can actually do a jedi mind trick?
<cow> of course there is
<@tolikin-skywalk> DJ_Phatiguez: rohypnol
<Githzerai> Why does he wave his hand then?
<cow> misdirection
<DJ_Phatiguez> ahahah i got ejected from a pub for trying to do a jedi mind trick when they ID'd me
<DJ_Phatiguez> 'you dont need to see any identification.'