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Fred's mother was on the telephone to the boy's dentist. "I don't understand it," she complained, "I thought his treatment would only cost me $20, but you've charged me $80." "It is usually $20, ma'am," agreed the dentist, "but Fred yelled so loudly that three of my other patients ran away!"

Żydowski Robin Hood: zabiera pieniądze bogatym i pożycza biednym.

Вчера смотрю НТВ:
"В Чечне проходит операция "Мак-2004"". И начинают показывать и
рассказывать, как в рамках операции уничтожают посевы марихуаны.

Ну я не ожидал, что у продавцов героина в России такое сильное лобби,
так не стесняясь работают, в открытую, военных используют.

One day Jared was surfing the TV channels. He came to the first
channel and it was drag racing. Then he went to the second
channel and it was wrestling. Then he went to the third channel
and it was sewing. Then he went to the last channel and it was
TLC (The Learning Channel) and they were showing babies being


So he went back to the first channel and this is how it sounded:
"And they're off! (changes channel )He's on top of her! She's on
top of him! (changes channel) In and out, in and out. (changes
channel) And the baby has safely been born."

Ich hasse die Frauen, damit ich sie nicht lieben muß.

Autor: Quelle: »Petschorin. Ein Held unserer Zeit«, 1837-1840

Naród ma jedynie prawo być jako Państwo.

Zapalaj się, ale nie parz.

Autor: Sławomir Trocki

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